Palm Style for Spring


Palm Royale Convertible Pendant Necklace $88
Palm Royale North-South Ring $42

Floridian palm prints in coral, pastel pinks, greens and turquoise tones are trending for spring this year.  I just received the Palm Royale Convertible Pendant Necklace and the reason I LOVE this necklace is because you basically get two for the price of one.  It converts so you can wear it short or long, which if you are like me, sometimes you want to wear a piece but depending on the neckline of an outfit, it can make your jewelry selection limited.

Click on the photos below for more details

Wear it short


Or long


Pair it with the matching ring


The Palm Royale collection has lots to offer.  It also makes a great compliment to some of the Moroccan Summer pieces that were out last year.  Check out these finds along with other palm insipred items to add to your collection.

Minaret Turquoise Teardrop Earrings $34

Minaret Turquoise Teardrop Earrings $34

Medina Convertible Pendant Necklace $42

Medina Convertible Pendant Necklace $42

Turquoise Convertible Necklace $88

Turquoise Convertible Necklace $88

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Michelle Sartiano


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